Aveling & Porter Road roller

AVELING and PORTER Compound Steam Roller

This magnificent engine is representative of an era of road construction at a time when the basis of our modern road system was being laid down.
The 2” scale replica makes a superb model and was the first of its type available to Model Engineers.
Detailed construction was serialised in the Model Engineer between May 1974 and May 1976.

Length                  35.5”                                       Boiler Dia.
Width                             13.75”                            Flywheel Dia.
Height                  20.5”                              Working Pressure 75 psi
Weight                  112 lb                            No. Of Speeds      1

Complete set at £88

Ref No. Description Qty Material Price each Set £
AP1 Cylinder block 1 1 Cast iron 42 42
AP2 Cylinder block 2 1 Cast iron 48 48
AP3 Cylinder block 3 1 Cast iron 48 48
AP4Cylinder block 41Cast iron5656
AP5Cylinder block 51Cast iron4545
AP6Flywheel1Cast iron8686
AP7Front roll mount1Aluminium8686
AP8RH Thickening piece1Aluminium4848
AP9LH Thickening piece1Aluminium4848
AP10Motion bracket 11Brass3939
AP11Motion bracket 21Brass3939
AP13Top cover1Brass3232
AP14RH valve spindle guide1Brass3232
AP15LH valve spindle guide1Brass3434
AP16Motion bracket 31Brass3636
AP18Half strap (makes 4)1Brass??
AP19Half strap (makes 4)1Brass4444
AP20Front roll2Cast iron76152
AP21Rear roll2Cast iron86172
AP23Water pump body1Brass3838
AP26Rear hub2Aluminium2652
AP27Front roll forks1Cast iron9494
AP28Near side drive plate1Aluminium3838
AP29Firebars1Cast iron4646
AP30Main road gear1Cast iron6464
AP31Steering wheel1Brass3434
AP32Towing bracket1Aluminium3838