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Tyler Steam Models offer a unique range of 2" Scale drawings and castings for the Model Engineer with machining facilities. All the models offered were designed in the sixties & seventies by John Haining & Colin Tyler, with Colin taking the measurements 'In The Field' (literally) and producing the patterns, whilst John Haining produced the scale drawings. The exception to this is the Darby-Savage Broadside Digger which was researched, designed and built by Colin Tyler from original Savages works drawings. These drawings are still in the possession of the Tyler family.

All the models have been serialised in the Model Engineer, taking the reader through a series of constructional articles. The drawings are all done by hand using good old fashioned pencil and compass.
The drawings are reprographs of the originals. In some cases these go back to the 1960's. We are slowly having them converted to CAD drawings, starting with the BB1.

John Haining & Colin Tyler also wrote 'Ploughing by Steam' with Colin Tyler adding 'Digging by Steam'. Both books are fully comprehensive in their subject matter. 'Digging by Steam' has been described as an authority on it's matter. Both books are out of print at the moment, if you would like a copy then please get in touch as we have a few copies left. I would also like to test the demand for getting a third edition printed... Colin Tyler also wrote a third book called 'Pioneers of Steam' which has never been published. Interested publishers please get in touch!

The 2" Scale drawings and castings offered are the wonderfully well proportioned and rugged 'FOWLER BB1 PLOUGHING ENGINE' and it's accomplice, the 'FOWLER 6 FURROW BALANCE PLOUGH'
These engines originally worked mostly in pairs, pulling the plough across the field.

The 'DARBY-SAVAGE BROADSIDE DIGGING ENGINE' offers an entirely new concept to the experienced Model Engineer seeking a change and a challenge! There are no full size Broadside Diggers in existence today, the few that were produced were all destroyed by the scrapyard torch. :-(
At the time of writing (2012), there are two, 2" scale models in existence. Both have fetched extremely good prices at auction for a 2" scale model. We are enthused at the thought of making a full size replica....



Tyler Steam Models is based in Oxfordshire, England and visitors are welcomed by arrangement. You can contact us by e-mail: neil.tyler@mach-tech.co.uk or call Neil Tyler on 01235 538333 Ext 2.
For complete or economy sets of castings we require a 50% deposit with order. We will contact you when the castings are ready from the foundry and the balance is payable on delivery

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